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Morphy Richards gets 3x ROI on ads spend while entering a new market

The Challenge

Gain market traction in both D2C and Marketplaces channels.

The Solution

Content sourcing and ideation with Micro Creators at scale & Ads Amplification.

The Results

+50% Average Order Value using Visual Commerce.


Average Order Value


On ads budget


UGC sourced



For over 80 years, Morphy Richards has been a pioneer in household appliances in Europe, both in terms of latest designs as well as technology.

The Challenge

Morphy Richards opened the Romanian market with a very small team and a very big target. They needed to build market share in the soup maker category and gain market traction in both D2C and Marketplaces channels.

While it had multiple product categories, the differentiator was a product less known to this market: the soup maker. A combination blender and heater, that helps busy individuals cook a simple or creme soup in a matter of minutes. The smoothie maker function allows for delicious drinks from vegetables and fruits, at the touch of a button.

The Solution

The Flaminjoy team created a detailed launch plan that involved:

  • Social media postings
  • Influencer marketing collaborations
  • Paid ad campaigns

Flaminjoy provided content sourcing and ideation with Micro Creators at scale & Ads Amplification. The platform’s advanced filtering abilities allow brands to find influencers by Location, Age, Gender and Niche. Because we were looking for people in the Health, Cooking and Lifestyle Niches, we had an easy way of gathering the first batch of creators.

Briefing influencers on the brand and the campaign specifics used the standardized way of sending information through Flaminjoy. They saw all the data they needed to create content, including DOs and DONTs. These were very specific instructions on how to present the company, the products and their features.

We saw a large interests in the soup maker category, as it provided both emotional and functiona benefits. On the one hand, mothers could rest easy knowing the soup maker was doing all the cooking, with little preparation, for their children. At the same time, time was reduced tremendously, with soups being ready in just a few minutes. This meant nutritional meals, with known ingredients, with little mess.

We’ve organized influencers by their size (nano, micro, macro, mega), but also by how they served different objectives:

  • Awareness
  • Inspirational content creation for social identity
  • New Instagram followers
  • Conversion driven campaigns

As results started increasing, we activated a brand ambassador for bimonthly activities, to increase brand recognition and trust.

This further boosted the brand and we created long lasting relationships between Morphy Richards and various influencers. We then added more product categories and created more UGC – vacuums, steam irons, coffee makers, toasters.

All the content was being gathered in Flaminjoy and measured using the Social Analytics feature. This provided engagement data (likes+comments), but also information such as:

  • Most popular posts
  • Follower growth
  • Best times to post on social media

The next stage was repurposing UGC and combining it with brand assets (colors and logo). The Creative Studio generated exceptional creatives – both static banners and animated videos – at scale. Once we connected the Product Feed, we could create hundreds of ads in a matter of minutes. The best past was that they were all generated in the background, in the cloud, while our team was working on other template designs.

Through all these efforts, we introduced a new brand to Romania, created a new product category and amassed over 20k passionate Instagram followers in under a year.

Results Summary

Morphy Richards recorgnized early on the power of social and User Generated Content. Flaminjoy provided the technology and the team to power the brand’s national ambitions. Creators proved to be a key element in Morphy Richard’s strategy to enter the Romanian market, as they brought inspirational content and provided trust to their communities. This, in turn, transformed into brand awareness and sales.

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