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Announcing our newest partner, CloudCart

Partnerships | December 5, 2022 | 2 min

Trust drives growth. It’s at the core of everything we do. We are on a mission to build the infrastructure that connects creativity to commerce so you can create easier, test faster and fly higher. But we cannot do it alone. This is why we’re announcing a new partnership, to strengthen the connection we have to each eCommerce online store.

We’re announcing our partnership with ecommerce platform CloudCart.

“CloudCart customers will have access to Flaminjoy’s technology, which will allow them to easily and quickly launch campaigns with the participation of over 6.500 influencers from both Romania and Bulgaria and to integrate influencer content inside their CloudCart shop to increase conversion rates.” – points out Alexander Stoica-Marcu, co-founder of Flaminjoy.

In addition, they will be able to easily integrate content, activate it through the “Visual Commerce” function, and build social media, ad banners and videos using “Creative Studio”. Online merchants will also be able to integrate their ecommerce product feed with the creative generation feature in Flaminjoy, creating new sales channels.

“We see that our merchants need more diversified marketing options for their communication and performance related activities. Especially when we speak about influencers – a topic that everyone speaks about but very few manage to implement successfully, especially when the goal is not only awareness but sales“ said Peter Lozanov, CMO of CloudCart.

See our co-founder Alexander’s talk at the CloudCart Genesis event below.

Flaminjoy is the only platform on the market aimed at both brands and content creators that offers specific digital marketing tools. With their help, brands generate content through influencers 15 times faster, create visualizations for a fraction of the cost, and achieve a 60% higher conversion rate and up to 13 times higher CTR, compared to classic methods.

CloudCart is the preferred Saas eCommerce platform for many international merchants. Its technology empowers local and cross-border oriented merchants by providing locally relevant services like:

  • A.I. assisted multi-language online store translation;
  • Cross-border retail and wholesale infrastructure;
  • Locally relevant integrations like payments and ERP integrations that help communities grow.

Along with automated built-in marketing solutions available for every active user, CloudCart provides care-free migration of eCommerce online stores from all proprietary and open source platforms.

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