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Award-winning campaign, with amplification services, for 10% Brand Lift

The Challenge

Drive awareness for trial generation, in the Small Domestic Appliances category for Beko in Romania

The Solution

Deploy a 360° Integrated Campaign featuring influencers, digital amplification and TV

The Results Summary

Over 22.4M Paid Impressions and an incredible 10,9% Brand Lift


Total Reach


Social Interactions


User Generated Content Pieces



Beko is a leading European home appliance brand offering affordable, energy-efficient products. It’s a rapidly growing global manufacturer of mid-range household appliances. The Beko brand is found and beloved in over 140 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

Drive awareness to generate trial for the Small Domestic Appliances category for Beko in Romania, using an integrated approach, across multiple months and puchasing opportunities.

The Solution

In a world that rushes by, where moments flit from one to the next in the blink of an eye, there exists a quiet beauty in the everyday that often goes unnoticed. It’s in the gentle clink of dishes, the rhythmic tapping of footsteps in the hallway, and the soft sigh of a book as it closes – simple acts that, together, weave the rich tapestry of our daily lives. These instances, humble and unassuming, hold within them an extraordinary magic, a testament to the beauty that resides in the ordinary. It’s here, in the cradle of everyday life, that Beko seamlessly steps in, not just as a witness but as a contributor to the enrichment and simplification of our daily routines.

Marking a pioneering moment in Beko Romania’s journey, the brand proudly launches its first integrated Small Domestic Appliances campaign entitled “Life. For Everyday Situations.” This initiative is more than a campaign; it’s a celebration of life’s mundane moments, shining a light on the silent yet impactful presence of small domestic appliances in enriching our daily lives.

Beko understands that life’s essence is captured in its subtleties—the brewed aroma of morning coffee that awakens the senses, the whisper of steam as it smooths out wrinkles on clothes, each a delicate thread in the fabric of day-to-day existence. By introducing this innovative campaign, Beko opens a window to the extraordinary within the ordinary, positioning its small domestic appliances not merely as tools, but as integral partners in life’s everyday dance.

With “Life. For Everyday Situations,” Beko Romania stands at the forefront, merging innovation with the familiar rhythms of daily life. This campaign is a homage to the unseen, the everyday, affirming that Beko is there, in every moment, enhancing life’s simple pleasures with grace and efficiency. It’s a landmark moment, heralding a new chapter where the focus shifts from the grandiose to the gentle power of the everyday, inviting us to find joy and beauty in the life that happens when we’re paying attention to the small, seemingly mundane details.

In essence, this groundbreaking campaign by Beko Romania is not just about appliances; it’s about acknowledging and elevating the ordinary, underscoring that in the fabric of the everyday, we find our most cherished and memorable experiences.

The 360° Integrated Campaign meant:

  • Influencer Collaborations
  • Amplification through Social Boost, Social Display and Social TV
  • Measurement through automated analytics and Brand Lift surveys
  • Special Projects – articles, interviews, social posts and video interviews

The Results Summary

The campaign generated a staggering 10,9% Brand Lift increase, among the highest of the brands we’ve worked with. This was due to our integrated campaign, but also our market research expertise, which allows us to perform these studies incredibly fast.

We surpassed the initial estimates:

  • +33,8% higher Influencer Reach
  • +46,3% higher Paid Media Reach
  • 8X higher CTR than industry average

Organic Social Media results:

  • 201 Influencer Creative Content
  • 18 micro-Influencers
  • 21.352+ Interactions
  • 400K+ Influencers reach

Paid Media results:

  • 206 Media Content (Banners)
  • 22.4M Impressions in paid media
  • 9M Reach in paid media
  • 354K Total clicks in paid media
  • 1.58% CTR in paid media

This was by far the largest Beko SDA campaign in Romania, winning us the Silver Award for Best Content Strategy at the COMM Awards.

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