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Chanteclair sees significant Brand Lift with Social Display Campaign: Up 17.7%

The Challenge

Promote Chanteclair products, focusing on integrating them into people's day-to-day lives.

The Solution

Use Social Display to expand the reach of authentic content from influencers.

The Results Summary

Chanteclair achieves 17.7% Brand Lift using Social Display.


Brand Uplift


Social Interactions


Click-through rate increase

1 Million


Chanteclair is an historic brand founded in the 1900s in Marseille, when the master soap maker Auguste Roustan patents a formula based only on natural ingredients for the production of world-famous Marseille soap, distinctive for its authentic and unmistakable clean scent.

The Challenge

Promote Chanteclair products, focusing on integrating them into people’s day-to-day lives.

The Solution

User Generated Content improves user trust. Brand-produced content, while looking professional, is starting to feel too generic to be taken into consideration. To truly stand out, a brand needs to show its true colors and focus on product benefits, instead of a list of features.

Influencers are often times more cost-effective as well. Their content feels more authentic, it increases engagement and is remembered more fondly than white background images of products. Content from influencers, when done right, shows the product being integrated into people’s lives. This gives visitors insights into the usage. When people recognize themselves in the images and videos they see, they start believing products are within their reach.

This transforms products into elements of their own lives. It reduces the distance between Awareness and Purchase, by increasing Consideration.

Overall, Chanteclair was looking to create content around the idea of “One product makes holiday cleaning easier”. To achieve this, the brand needed to work with specific influencers in the Family and Cooking, niches. The Flaminjoy platform

The content highlight needed to be the possibility of using the product upside down, as this was a differentiator for them. This element was mentioned in the DOs and DONTs section of the campaign brief. The standardized way of working with connected influencers in the platform means:

Enhanced efficiency – Organized campaign brief and execution leads to higher platform usage. This in turn means more executed campaigns due to their ease of use. Since Influencer Marketing should be seen as a marathon, better results will come in time.

Increased speed – Campaign briefing is done quickly, with detailed information provided to influencers. They know what to expect and public campaigns see the first influencers apply in a matter of minutes. Content and reporting is done automatically, so no time is spent on the client’s side.

Manual mistakes eliminated – Analytics is based on the content gathered from the influencers through the Meta/Facebook official APIs. Influencers don’t send any screenshots or reports, so human error is eliminated entirely.

Once the UGC was gathered, it was filtered to choose the best pieces and repurposed into innovative display banners. There are much more engaging than regular display and offer a massively increased Clickthrough Rate.

Targeting in the Social Display innovation is done by combining data from influencers’ audiences and the in-build hyper-specific audiences of our publishing partner, Ringier. This translates into pushing the right content (UGC), which is already proved to be successful in social, to the right audience. Which further increases the probability of engagement and Brand Lift.

Social Display works by combining UGC from influencers (through Flaminjoy) and using the repurposed content in innovative display banners (through Ringier). This solution offers guaranteed Reach and is highly scalable. Most clients start with 1 Million impressions and grow with the next campaigns. Due to the attention put by both teams, all clients see a significant positive improvement in Brand Lift, with higher than average CTR.

The Results Summary

The brand has been on the Romania market for some time, but was looking to expand its awareness. Social Display was the right solution, as the Brand Lift results showed the brand soaring with a difference of 17.7%. Not only that, but the Clickthrough Rate was 8X higher than the industry average of classic display banners.

Visitors not just wanted to learn more about the brand, but also remembered it after being exposed to the campaign. This will no doubt turn into increased sales both online and offline.

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