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La Festa turns instant coffee instagrammable using micro-influencer UGC

The Challenge

Transforming a basic product into something that grabs your attention.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers to show a well-known product in a new, cool way.

The Results

100+ UGC generated with a Total Reach of 200K.

200K Reach


100 UGC generated

UGC generated


Micro-influencers enrolled

1 Month

For briefing, execution and reporting

La Festa – well known coffee/hot chocolate instant product – part of Maspex Group that has become the owner of more than 20 companies and one of the largest food producers in CEE.

The Challenge

Transform a basic product, that people known about, into something instagrammable, that grabs your attention.

The Solution

Use micro-influencers to show a well-known product in a new, cool way, unseen before in social media for this brand.

The target defined by the brand was composed of adults, between 16-25 years old, both in urban and rural areas, predominantly women, but not excluding men. There was also a secondary audience, with a focus on families.

The Creator Campaigns feature allows brands to search for their desired influencers using various filters, like Location (Country, County, City), Age, Gender and Niche. Going even deeper, brands can also filter by the followers’ details, to make sure they pinpoint the right creators to work with.

Once the initial batches of influencers have been found, they’re organized into groups. The next step is to look at their individual profiles within the platform. This is done in order to figure out if their overall aesthetic and content quality fits the brand and would work for this particular campaign.

We activated 60 lifestyle micro-influencers and briefed them to create unique pieces of content while enjoying a sip of their new types of coffees. The DOs and DONTs inside the Brief section of the Creator Campaigns feature help the brands structure their information, but also provides creators with important data in order to create the content. They are key to a successful collaboration.

La Festa tracked UGC using the Social Analytics feature. It shows brand the engagement data of content and the stats associated with the influencers that participated in the campaign. The brand also distributed the User Generated Content into a dedicated landing page and into ads using Flaminjoy.

Results Summary

La Festa has learned that content has many facets and many uses. This time, they’ve been utilizing UGC into multiple platforms, increasing engagement and speeding up the entire process through a dedicated platform.

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