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Vivo Malls promotes pandemic safety measures through an ambassador program

The Challenge

Create awareness about offline shopping experience via trustworthy eyes, during pandemic times.

The Solution

Create an Ambassador program for an offline activation for 3 months.

The Results

500+ pieces of content, with over 1M impressions in total


Million impressions


Pieces of content


Different types of content


Social channels coverage

VIVO! shopping centers are designed for cities with a catchment area of at least 200,000 inhabitants and offer customers a shopping and entertaiment experience in a modern ambience. The perfect mix of international anchor tenants and unique local shops reflects the needs of each visitor in every location.

The Challenge

Vivo Malls wanted to create awareness about offline shopping experience via trustworthy eyes. During the pandemic offline shopping safety was a real challenge for malls, they needed to create trust for a safe environment. Malls needed people to show that everyone is using masks and you can find hand sanitizer at every important spot (entrance, center, food court, etc).

The Solution

Create an Ambassador program for an offline activation for 3 months – a suite of 20 influencers from Cluj and Constanta were briefed every 2 weeks to create engaging content based on the brand’s communication strategies.

A 3 month long activation denotes brands that understand the importance of thinking ahead and planning content to be used later. With locations in multiple cities, VIVO! needed to synchronize activities not just between influencers, but also in various locations. Flaminjoy brings filters such as Age, Gender, Niche and Location (Country, County and City) to make it easy to find the right influencers you want to collaborate with.

Briefing is done in mere minutes, as the standardized fields help you along the way. Specific DOs and DONTs sections let the creators know what they should include or exclude when they’re creating content. These were especially important, as the situation during pandemic was sensitive and needed to be approached in a specific way.

The best performing and most creative influencers were rewarded with money. All the influencers based their content on the fashion themes, but also showed the sanitizers and how everyone was keeping safe by wearing masks.

VIVO! used the influencer generated content in their organic social media plan on its Instagram and Facebook brand page.

The Social Scheduler feature within Flaminjoy helps brand schedule content ahead of time, on Instagram – as images or videos. Furthermore, the Social Analytics sections provides valuable information on each post. Brands understand what’s working and where they can improve, when looking at past content, but also at competitors’ strategies.

The most active and creative influencer won a brand ambassador contract with the brand, meaning more work creating inspiring and useful content in the future.

Results Summary

Vivo Malls turned a scary moment into an opportunity to educate and provide a sense of hope, amidst nervousness and uncertainty. Influencers proved to be a versatile solution, that can be used for awareness of social and health issues.

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