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Achieving Tasteful Results - Oala Cu Bunătăți's Influencer Marketing Triumph

The Challenge

Grow the brand's awareness and visibility online

The Solution

Work with unique creators, on specific themes and events

The Results Summary

Over 184K organic reach across 8 campaigns


Organic Instagram Reach


Social Interactions




User Generated Content Pieces

Oala Cu Bunătăți revolutionizes the food service industry by offering home-cooked meals in generous portions, providing a dining experience akin to homemade dishes cooked with love. For over 12 years, the brand has delighted over 65,000 families and received more than 350,000 orders with its authentic recipes and commitment to quality and flavor.

The Challenge

Despite its established presence, Oala Cu Bunătăți sought to increase brand visibility and engagement among a wider audience. The brand aimed to find innovative ways to connect with customers and drive conversions while maintaining its commitment to quality and authenticity.

The Solution

The Flaminjoy platform features:

  • Influencer marketing collaborations
  • Localised influencer discovery

Oala Cu Bunătăți adopted a strategic approach by collaborating with the Flaminjoy platform to launch influencer marketing campaigns tailored to specific themes and occasions. The brand meticulously planned and executed a series of campaigns, each designed to resonate with its target audience and showcase the diverse range of offerings available. By engaging with a total of 33 unique creators across 8 campaigns, Oala Cu Bunătăți effectively diversified its content strategy, leveraging various formats such as FEED, STORY, and REEL to engage users on different social media platforms.

Despite the varying durations of the campaigns, ranging from 8 to 19 days, Oala Cu Bunătăți managed to maintain consistent participation levels among influencers, with an average of 10 participants per campaign. This approach ensured a broad reach and enabled the brand to connect with a diverse set of content creators, amplifying its message and driving engagement across multiple touchpoints.

The Results Summary

The results speak volumes about the success of Oala Cu Bunătăți’s influencer marketing strategy. With a total of 37 content pieces shared on FEED, 95 on STORY, and 55 on REEL, the brand effectively leveraged different content formats to capture users’ attention and create a lasting impact. The impressive engagement metrics, including 38,453 total LIKES, 5,242 COMMENTS, and a total reach of 184,484, underscore the effectiveness of Oala Cu Bunătăți’s influencer campaigns in driving brand awareness and fostering meaningful interactions with its audience.
Through a well-planned and executed influencer marketing strategy, Oala Cu Bunătăți not only expanded its digital footprint but also strengthened its position as a leading provider of home-cooked meals, resonating with customers on a personal level and reinforcing its commitment to quality and authenticity.

Oala Cu Bunătăți:

  • Activated 8 campaigns, with an of average 10 days/each
  • Activated 33 unique influencers from Bucharest
  • Generated more than 180+ pieces of content
  • Had 184K+ organic reach on Instagram

Results summary
In a span of 8 unique campaigns, Oala Cu Bunătăți collaborated with Flaminjoy, engaging 33 distinct content creators across various thematic initiatives. This partnership led to the creation of 187 pieces of content shared on social media platforms. These efforts reached a substantial audience, resulting in over 43,000 engagements. Oala Cu Bunătăți effectively leveraged influencer marketing to enhance brand visibility, strengthen its connection with consumers, and elevate its position as a premier provider of home-cooked meals in the culinary domain.

Services used:

  • Instagram campaign management

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