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Profi uses authenticity to increase awareness about its new retail locations

The Challenge

Promote Profi's new locations, in a way that focuses on the experiences shoppers get to have there.

The Solution

Combine UGC with innovative ad formats and launch Profi's new stores using Social Display.

The Results Summary

9.2% Brand Lift


Brand Uplift


Social Interactions


Click-through rate increase

2+ Million


Profi is the Romanian modern retail company with the largest expansion in the territory and with a growth rate still unmatched in this country.

For almost 22 years, the Profi chain of stores has been growing continuously at an accelerated pace. It is close to the 1,600-store mark in more than 681 locations, and is set to open hundreds of new stores in the coming years.

The Challenge

Promote Profi’s new locations, in a way that focuses on the experiences shoppers get to have there.

The Solution

Differentiation and brand building was at the top of Profi’s mind as they were designing the new types of retail locations, with a focus on the “fiiGO” element. This symbolizes a place where you can be curious when you’re having a boring day or an explorer when you’re in your daily routine.

Fresh products, different product lines, self-service coffee and tea station complete the already successful store presence.

The brand new that simply showing the stores was not enough. The experiences had to break through from the standard way of presenting product or service features. Content needed to feel alive, to show real benefits. The team went to work searching for relatable influencers that could portray the stores in a realistic light.

The Flaminjoy platform provides filters to make influencer search extremely easy:

  • Follower Size
  • Location
  • Niche
  • Audience Location
  • Audience Age

Location was a critical factor, as influencers needed to physically go to Profi stores and create content there. It meant we also needed to coordinate their schedules.

This is where another feature came in handy: Campaign Chat. The recently launched functionality allows brands to communicate with influencers and the other way around. Messages are sent instantly and allow for smooth communication for various

After choosing the right set of influencers, the team started scheduling influencers to make sure content is created and delivered before the deadline.

Once the content was generated based on the campaign brief, it was gathered automatically in the Content Hub inside of Flaminjoy. This is where they have been filtered and selected to be used in the next step: repurposing for the publisher network.

The automated process of content repurposing takes existing assets (UGC, caption, influencer name and influencer profile picture) and combines them into multiple innovative formats. These banners are animated to attract attention and increase Clickthrough Rate, as opposed to standard display banners, which are usually static or feature only branded content.

Working with 7 influencers, who generated 50+ creative pieces, Profi looked at authenticity through storytelling. That meant the content needed to be integrated into the content creators’ daily lives, showing the new stores’ look and feel and what the products are like.

Social Display is the combination of influencer content through Flaminjoy and guaranteed reach in the publisher network, thanks to our partner Ringier. The partnership offers not just a simple way of extending the visibility of a UGC campaign, but provides the experience of highly skilled teams, to generate the best results for brands.

The Results Summary

The results prove that Social Display is a viable medium for both online and offline products and services, in most industries:

  • Over 2 Million impressions
  • More than 6.600 interactions in the influencer campaign
  • Clickthrough-Rate of 2.36%, which is almost 5X higher than the industry average
  • Brand Lift of 9.2%

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